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Interview with influencer Nemah Hassan

    Tell us a little about your recent trips, I know you just came back from LA, New York, and Palestine. How was it? Palestine, I was there for a long period of time, I was taking a break from western civilization. I was with my family it was kind of like a breath of fresh air…  except minus the fresh air, because you know, gunpowder, suffocated air, tobacco pollution… all that fun stuff. But honestly on a real note, it was so great, I wish I was back again.  LA, I went there to work on some original music, and to meet up with a few close friends. I was surrounded by good food, good people, and good...

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Zack Ghanem

    Tell us about your recent trips, and the purpose behind them. You just got back home from Miami, Chicago, and St. Louis, right? Yeah, well, honestly, Miami was just a trip to get away, explore, and kind of just enjoy the city. Especially because it was super cold in Canada. I just wanted to get away from everything and explore. And while I was enjoying myself and I was taking in the beauty in the city and taking in the possible shots I could get, like I do with all of my trips. But instead of getting them all when I thought of them, I kind of just soaked everything in and decided I wanted to shoot in...

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