How do you challenge yourself without coming up with excuses?

Do you want to know how to challenge yourself?  Did you jump on tasks to get closer to your goals or did you use the weekend as an excuse not to take action?  Congratulations to those who decided there is nothing that will stand in their way, challenged themselves and decided to take action.  For those of you who came up with excuses, you still have today.

What do you want to accomplish today?

Set your goals for the day and go.  Make the decision to take action.  Set big goals but don’t overwhelm yourself.  If you feel overwhelmed, you will become indecisive.  Don’t become paralyzed when you work. If you attain a few goals today, you will be that more excited to wake up in the morning and start again.  You will feel accomplished.

If you keep taking breaks between your work, you will lose momentum. Momentum is everything. When you have momentum, you will have natural energy that comes over you.  You will be in the right mindset, you will be organized, and extremely focused.  Your mornings will change and you will feel more energized than ever before. Mornings will now be welcomed and will become the most important part of your day.

Challenge yourself as much as you can in order to keep yourself motivated to want to do the same over and over until you fall into the routine of keeping your momentum high. Don’t make excuses in order to delay your work, get it done and do your thing. When you feel yourself about to make an excuse, think about the work that you’ll eventually have to get done at a later time, but under a lot more pressure. That will keep you motivated and on your feet.


Sara Albach