Toronto Life


Toronto is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most multicultural cities, which means you can find literally anything here. With communities like Little Italy, Little Portugal, and Little Malta, the cities diversity makes it easy for just about anyone to feel right at home. Not only does the diversity of the city make it comfortable for everyone, but Toronto is known for having some of the kindest people in the world. Aside from all the great food and culture the city holds, we have some of the greatest fashion influencers and music creatives on the streets of Toronto.


One of the greatest things about Toronto is our fashion. Everyone chooses to dress the way that they like to express themselves leaving no room for anyone to fall into a box. You’ll find inspiration everywhere you go. As if we weren’t cool enough already, if you’re from Toronto then you know we basically have our own slang that only we understand.


Being from Toronto is something we should all be proud of. No matter what we’re going through, our community always unites for causes that matter to us the most. From having one of the largest sports fan bases to being from the same city as Drake himself, Toronto is the city to brag about.


Sara Albach